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Before you request membership to Agony, you should understand that at this current stage in Agony's lifecycle we have specific requirements to join.

The current requirements are as follows:

Level Requirement:

Bard - 55
Cleric - 55
Druid - 60
Enchanter - 55
Magician - 55
Monk - 56
Necromancer - 55
Paladin - 56
Ranger - 60
Rogue - 55
Shadow Knight - 57
Shaman - 60
Warrior - 57
Wizard - 55

Raid Requirements:

Our raids are very in depth. On weekdays we can raid for 3-5 hours at a time, non-stop. On weekends our raids can last as long as 12 hours depending on the scenarios.

Our NORMAL Raid time on WEEKDAYS is 6-7PM PST, till the raid ends which can be as late as 2-3AM PST.

Our NORMAL Raid time on WEEKEENDS is 11AM PST until the end of the raid, which could be 11PM PST.

We never let a weekend raid exceed 12 hours and in MOST cases don't ever let it exceed 6-7 hours. If a raid does exceed this time, we do take extended breaks during the raid for food/water, munchies, whatever it may be.

Agony understands the importance of "free" time, however we also have a list of goals and accomplishments we want to attain.

If you are a casual player who plays 1-2 hours a day, then Agony may not be for you.
If you can not attend at least 2 raids a week, then Agony may not be for you.
If you have a bedtime curfew (due to parents or whatever the reason may be) and you can't stay up past 10PM PST, then Agony may not be for you.
If you don't give the game/guild all the effort you can to succeed, then Agony may not be for you.
If you have no desire in making it to level 60, or your time to get to level 60 is several months away, then Agony may not be for you.

Equipment/Misc Requirement:

Sebilis Key
At least 1 Piece to your Howling Stones/Charasis key
Cobalt Scar Tooth (For porting to Cobalt Scar)
Some form of permanent enduring breath item (ie: Fishbone earing)
100+ Sense heading
180+ Swimming
At least one piece to your VP (Veeshan's Peak) key.
A solid connection. If you continually go link dead in a 20 person battle, you are of little use to a raid. ISDN, Cable Modem, and DSL are all excellent sources of higher bandwidth.


We are not deemed a "hardcore" guild. We are a comfortable, STABLE guild that will slaughter the end-game mobs, but we will do it on our time frame. We are enjoying the game to its fullest. We are seeing as many zones and encounters as we can, trivial or not we want to experience them. We have the strategy, and the play experience to succeed and we will.

This criteria is a guideline for the types of players we seek. It is not written in stone and can be flexible, but is a basis for our decision making.

If you do not hear from a guild officer within 7 days from the time you submit an application there is a good chance that it may have been overlooked, or you do not fit the criteria we are seeking.

Please fill out all fields in this form as it gives us a solid background and saves us a bunch of question asking later.

Membership Application

Real Name
Primary Character Name
Primary Character Level
Primary Character Class
Primary Character Race
Secondary Name

Secondary Level

Secondary Character Class
Secondary Character Race
How did you hear about Agony?

How long have you been playing EverQuest?

What time zone are you in? (EST, CST, PST, etc etc)

When do you normally play? (6PM-11PM, 5AM-9AM, etc etc)

What days do you normally play? (Wednesday, Thursday, etc etc)

Would you consider yourself a casual gamer, or a power gamer?

What server did you come from?

What classes have you played, which is your primary?

What was the highest level you attained on your previous server?

How many machines do you have connected to the Internet?

How many EverQuest accounts do you have?

How fast is your Internet connection?

Have you ever been to the planes? (Fear, Hate, Sky, Growth, Mischief)

If yes, which ones have you been to?

Have you ever been to/killed Vox or Nagafen?

Have you ever been to Veeshans Peak?

Have you ever been to/killed Trakanon? (The dragon)

NOTE: Agony respects the privacy of all applicants, it's for this reason that we do not have a public message board to apply for membership. All conversations regarding your potential membership into Agony are kept between the Leader and the Officers of the guild. Thank you for taking the time to fill out the application. You will be contacted in game or via e-mail shortly.