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April 13th, The end of an amazing group of people...

There have been many rumors about Agony and its future, and all I can say is that the majority of them are wrong. Agony is one of the oldest guilds on this server, originally created in the first release of guilds made. I will never forget that day when Jaydrox popped in front of me in North Ro, scaring the shit out of me to tell me that Agony has been created, and to have a nice day.

16 months later, here we are still killing stuff and having a good time.

Leading this guild has been a great experience for me. I have shared good times and bad times with every member of this guild. We have suffered through tragic moments in our members real lives, yet we held together shoulder to shoulder to support one another through rough times. We were together through America's great tragedy on September 11th, and together we comforted each other in times of pain and sorrow. The acts of kindness in this guild are what make me proud to have stood in front of you all as we waged war on whatever creature that was in our way in Norrath.

Agony is bigger than one person... it is all of you that made it great. It requires a strong leader to lead, but it is your strength that kept us going.

Agony's history has been quite an extreme one, from nearly disbanding over a great loss of an ex-officer, to internal turmoil caused by the starting of the Legends server. Drama unfortunatly is one of those evil little things that acts much like the domino effect. One thing goes wrong and it just creates more and more and more issues until finally there are no more and it all collapses. Agony has been fortunate enough to re-build without letting the drama kill us. We've been through hell, and we've survived.

16 months... god it seems like just yesterday we were deleveling our members from 53 down to 52 so we could kill Nagafen and Vox. Time passed by so fast, but I wouldn't have missed it for anything. We are left with some amazing memories and many many enjoyable hours invested...

Agony has been a great ride... and Im sure I can speak for all of its members when I say that there is no other guild we would rather be in.

This week the leadership of Agony got together to discuss the future of the guild. We decided as a group that its finally time to lay Agony to rest and move on to other things, whether it be real life or game life.

We vowed as a group that if we ever disbanded it would be a united decision, not a single one. So the plan came together... one more week of Agony.

Saturday April 13th 2002 we stepped foot into Veeshans Peak as our final guild raid. We entered the zone to finish a goal we had left un-finished 2 months prior. To clear every dragon in Veeshans Peak and be the first guild to do so. 11:45am we gathered... 12:30 we entered... 3 hours and 58 minutes later every dragon in the zone was dead by our hands.

Agony... we have left with our goal accomplished... and we triumph in a blaze of glory.

We will not be forgotten...

Agony Jan 4th 2001 - April 13th 2002

Dragon Claw Main Gauche - Fatehandle
Executioner's Blade - Fatehandle
Dragon Spine Staff - Neki
Scimitar of Lifestealing - Lanolienu

Robe of Burning Rage - Delfina
Robe of Burning Rage - Phygidy
Blade of Falling Stars - Kalamon
Shissar Protection Staff - Remagi

Solists Robe of Invocation - Fydar
Solists Robe of Invocation - Klyptix
Razor Fang of Xygoz - Cochonne

Blood Orchid Katana - Prybutok *he's a druid now*
Shissar Focus Staff - Adrienna
Sarnak Summoner's Staff - Phygidy

Bo Staff of Trorsmang - Akethadar, 1018'd, looted by Cochonne
Bo Staff of Trorsmang - Saalron
Sprinkler of Suffering - Remagi
Robe of Adversity - Olef

Phara Dar:
Shroud of Veeshan - Ravendawn
Shield of Elders - Drekken
Katana of Flowing Water - Sonicbeat

April 5th, What a day... Klandicar, ToV, Sleepers...

Master of the Guard
Final Arbitor

One crazy ass night... probably our best sleepers run yet. Gratz Prybutok on your new Primal 1HS, Faid on your Priceless offhander, AND Primal Bow, gratz Israi on Primal Avatar, which was long overdue and I never thought Id say this but gratz Serafina (an enchanter) on a Primal 2hb.

The funny part about this evening was I was getting snotty with the golems, which they repaid me for. I have attached a screenshot... talk about the most perfect kodak moment! Seems he didn't like my proccing avatar!

We also dropped by ToV and plowed through hub for some fast armor drops, gratz to all who got them!

April 3rd, Sleepers named cleared :)

Master of the Guard
Final Arbitor
The Progybish

Primal 2HS out to Lano... Primal 2HB out to Akethadar, Priceless out to Shaman Israi (tee hee hee), Priceless Spear to Cochonne, and hey, look at that! A nice Prismatic Scale!

Gratz to you peeps with lewtz....

April 2nd, Dragons .. dead!

Hey we have pictures!

Here's our kill list tonight...:


Gratz Mordim on Sword thingy off Gozz, and Kalamon on Cloak of happy twirling stars...

Zlandicar was a whore and didn't drop shit worth mentioning except the ST key... gratz to our 42 clerics aka Remagi.

Pictures? You want pictures? Well here.. yes we've seen them dead before, but take a look anyways!

March 22nd, Sontalak down .. and some others!

We finally nailed this guy to the ground. Buh bye Sonty .. gratz Lanolienu on your key!!

Front page updates have been behind.. er sort of, due to the web updater (thats me) travelling heavy for work.

More to come!

March 21st, Primal .. at last...

Finally have a good amount of ST keys floating into the guild, and so some farming has taken place in our off time.

Tonight, Sklyan is the first rogue in Agony to attain a primal weapon... gratz sir!

Shade and Akethadar also walked away with some Priceless.... enjoy you guys!

The 2nd shot here is of a quest mob we smoked for Saalron.. gratz leezurd!

March 17th, No screenies, but Agony hit Sleepers, and more epics!

We finally took our first "guild" group of folks into Sleepers... we walked away with some new toys :) When the raids get more in depth, we'll post some screenshots.

We've had a bunch of epics completed this week for some Agony peeps.. Olef, Phygidy, Lanolienu, Adrienna, Aawen, Jinular .. and more! (Forgive me if I forgot the other names!)

March 12th, Klandicar had to die....

We've dreaded fighting this dragon for the longest time, but tonight we decided what the fook, lets see if we can smash him down.

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words... good night Klandicar...

March 9th, Plane of Sky .. pizowned....

What a day, well I wouldn't even call it a day it went by so fast. Azerack island and Spiroc Island were both cleared in single pulls. Nothing like trashing down 10 mobs at a time...

1-7, done. Gratz Phygidy, Serval, Lanolienu, and Lexus on your epics... and Olef yers is just around the corner...

No screenshots from the killing, but we did manage to get a snapshot of our resident over-rodder.

Thanks for the laugh Trueheal, we needed it!

March 8th, Agony dicks the Kunark Dragons .. and then some..

The title of todays update was a special request by a guild member... don't ask.

Anyways today we went on an old-world rampage. Venril Sathir, Talendor, Severlious, Trakanon, and even a little Phinigel action...

29 Phinigels... no wizard staff... tonight the son of a bitch finally dropped it, gratz Klyptix.

March 2nd, Agony updates their news page!

What has Agony been up to lately? Well, Ive intentionally not been updating our news site as Agony has gone through some "target" searching. This last month has been an interesting one.

We're back into the grind though as always... We've killed some Rhags in Ssra, some dragons here and there, farmed a little ToV... all in all its been a wild ride thats only getting more wild.

More to come soon....

February 10th, Agony smacks up some more Veeshans Peak...

Down goes another server first ... Druushk kissed the floor this evening.

We entered VP today, and little did we realize that we entered a little pre-mature. It seemed that some of the dragons from our last raid hadn't re-spawned yet so we were left with a partially empty zone.

Silverwing showed his face, so we dusted him real quick. Hoshkar wasn't around, so we moved up the ladder and made mince meat of Xygoz. After a little more time, Druushk took his first death on Vazaelle.

People were getting tired, and due to it being a sunday we decided to cut the raid short and finish up Phara Dar, Hoshkar, and Nexona tomorrow.

Nexona is the only thing that remains from Agony being the first guild to clear Veeshans Peak on Vazaelle... RAWR peeps!

February 6-7th, Zlandicar, and Trakanon, and some Ssra..

Bleh bleh ... dragons dead ... bleh bleh some Ssra stuff dead ... bleh bleh.

That about sums it up 8)

February 2nd, Agony trashes Veeshans Peak .. some Vazaelle firsts!


Thats right, Agony stepped into Veeshans Peak tonight and layed down some law. It was a LONG day as many folks had never been to the zone, so there was a lot of time spent explaining how the zone worked and what needed to be done.

Agony held strong, buckled down and kicked the shit out of all the dragons they could get their hands on before getting too tired and needing sleep.

4 out of 6 died. Silvering, Hoshkar, Xygoz, Phara Dar ... we will get the other 2 in a day or so...

Now that the guild is familiar with the turf... future visits will be fast and smooth.


February 1st, Agony cleans up!

Agony has spent the last week going through massive roster cleaning. Contacting inactive folks, finding out who is here to stay and who is wanting to go....

We have slaughtered a fair share of mobs as well during the week, but nothing of major importance.

Agony has a few slots open on the roster list for folks interested in joining. Just click Apply to Agony, and we will contact you when we see you online.

Until the next update....

January 21st, Trakanon .. for old times sake, but with a twist!

Trakanon decided to return to his lair, and so we decided to plow down and shove the Agony foot in his ass. It was an amazingly FAST raid, non-stop plow plow.

When we approached the lair, instead of messing around with the Protector .. we just got butt wild .. well, I'll let the picture speak for itself.
Dead .. in the hall, FU VI, who says you can't cram a big body model into a little confined space!

January 20th, Lord Djorniwhore, Velkewhore, Ragefire, Fear, monk epic, and some bootaaayyyy!

It was a fast blast of kills this evening. Lord Djorni, Velk, Ragefire, and some epic mobs in Fear all got punked this evening.

Gratz to Dianna and Ikthar on their epics, Klyptix on his pieces, Olef, Rastro, Jinular, Ikthar, and Sakie on yer lewtz...

This here is just a sweet shot of Thalya's ass, because you just can't get enough of it. I mean look at the way the clothing lines her cheeks, so smoothly there are even little indentations on the material... Look out Tress... we've got some new cheeks in town!

January 18th, Zlandicar and friends...

Screenies are slackin... but not alot to see, the same old mob getting his teeth kicked in by Agony.

ST Key - Oxox
Zlandicars Heart - Ravendawn
Frakafoo's Talisman - Infested
Claw - Nindar
Gauntlets of Mortality - Shaaa right, like we'd give these pieces of crap to anyone.

This weekend we're taking it easy, light raids, epics, some exp... just letting people relax and have fun.

January 8-14th, More farming... and some words to those that have moved on.

Agony is pushing hard to finish off sets of armor so that we can put the "farming" days behind us and move on. We have chased after Dain and some ToV dragons during the last week and its been interesting to say the least.

Agony recently lost some members due to some disagreements and misunderstandings, along with some lack of communication. These folks have started a new guild on Vazaelle, and are off doing their own things now. Even though the terms of seperation were less than appealing, I, as well as Agony would like to wish you all the best, and let you all know that you are missed.

January 5-7th, Mega Farmage!

Agony is making the effort to go back and fill out the suits of armor on the rest of the guild that sacraficed their time and allowed certain members to be equipped first for the good of the guild.

3 Days of ToV farming... we walked away with a good amount of drops, and are nearing the completion of armor for a good portion of the guild.

Down with the giants... yer day is getting closer!

January 4th, Agony's 1 year birthday!!

No screenies today, but what a long day it was. We pounded out EXP early in the morning, migrated later over to DN and junked Zlandicar. Then pressed on to ToV to make a run at Lendi... however another guild was already prepping to kill. So we farmed for a while, then took a run at Telk. Sleepy peeps got the best of us and we crashed and burned, no worries we'll get him tomorrow when we're awake and prepared.

January 2nd-3rd, ToV Farmin, and weapon gathering...

Did a little more ToV farming, pushing and pushing to finish the final pieces of gear on the majority of our members.

Vaniki showed his head, so we decided to go lay the smack down... Not too much going on, just exp'ing, farming, and snaggin a few mobs.

January 4th (tomorrow) is Agony's birthday. We will be 1 year old. Look for more exciting things to come as we trash through 2002.

January 1st, Agony crashes into the New Year.... Vindicator, Statue of Rallos Zek, Kithicor (wtf?), and another epic!

We started the night off slow...
But I won't leave you with just that... Tonight Agony decided it was time to wage war against the brothers of Zek. Tonight we took our first shot at The Statue of Rallos Zek.

We cleared the path, prepared for the battle and in came the Statue. However something wierd happened with the pathing and aggro and 3 adds dropped in on us at the start of the fight. So we were up against the Statue, 2 Armors of Zek, and another Giant. Agony held strong, listened to directions and we pulled out of the mess and STILL took the Statue down on our first attempt ever!

It was an awesome show of teamwork, everyone was on target and it flowed like we had done it a hundred times before. Great work Agony!

Boots of Vindication - Hurrk

Breastplate of Eradication - Prybutok
Swiftblade of Zek - Tress
Swiftblade of Zek - Prybutok


December 30th, Ding Dong the Dain is dead.....

Deja vu? This guy...
Shortly became this guy....
Loot was:
Head for belt
Cloak of FrostyDain
Ring of Winter
4 spells

December 29th, Zlandicar and more ToV...

This guy.....
Shortly became this guy....
Then off to ToV for more armor farming ... weeeeee!

December 29th, ToV Farmin!

Agony has finally recovered from the Christmas holiday, and as we approach the new year we decided to crank out some more gear to try and finish up some long over due suits of armor.

Tonight we embarked on a new era of Agony, where we distribute the load of our pull team across multiple monks as a collective machine, the point man for the entire operation was Akethadar. It worked very well however, Akethadar had some things to say about it...

Shortly there after... the monk got into a squabble with the cleric of the group.
All in all it was a good night. We walked away with 2 more silk robes, amongst other various drops.

December 25th, Christmas!!

Agony would like to extend a Merry Christmas to all of those folks that play in the realm we know as Norrath. Many have disliked us, many have not... regardless of your feelings or ours, we hope you all have a wonderful set of holidays for you and your families.

We look forward to seeing you all online very soon as we ring in the new year together and trash the creatures that plague our realm.

Best wishes to you all....


December 24th, Old School keeelin...

Severlious and Talendor ... punked out for old times sake. We were low on numbers due to the holidays but it wasn't an issue, we came out with flying colors.

RBB - Yackov
10 Slot bag - Thalya
10 Slot bag - Ganndon
10 Slot bag - Ikthar
Red Scale - Bank
Green Scale - Bank
Gauntlets of Fiery Might - Froh
Lots of spells - Misc Peeps

Gratz to all you guys!

December 23rd, Zlandicar smoked bad...

Finally after weeks on end of trying to catch this guy up, we caught wind he was hanging out in his lair and decided to go pay him a visit.

It was a little bumpy at first, since it was our first time ever fighting him, but once we saw the lair it was all a cakewalk from there.

ST Key - Krialis
CoV Quest Talisman - Akethedar
Brood Talisman - Fydar
Brood Talisman - Drekken
Heart of Zlandicar - Serval

Gratz to all you guys!

December 22nd, Epics, Wuoshi, and stuff....

Wuoshi punked out a few of our members porting into WL, so of course we had to teach that boy some manners. Nothing major, just our usual Agony portal bombage.

We slammed out quite a few epic battles tonight, Ranger/Druid Epic pieces in Karnors, Monk pieces in Sky, Nurga, and LOIO, amongst other battles.

Gratz Youridia on the monk epic, about time you slow arse foo!

December 20th, Webserver attacked...

Agony's webserver sustained a rather large attack today which caused us a day of downtime as we repaired the damage. The firewall protecting our server was removed by accident at the ISP, and in turn left a hole open for us to get exploited.

The issue has been resolved on the server, and the firewall has been put back in place. Sorry for the downtime Agony fans :)

December 19th, Patch tonight... light day for us.

A patch was due this evening so we decided to make it a "light" night, especially with the release of the movie Lord of the Rings, a good portion of our guild was out watching it.

Slammed out some epic pieces, nothing major.... pounded down some more exp.

December 18th, Agony kicks that bitch Dain to the mutha-fookin curb!

We've made a few attempts at this guy in the past and got him down REAL low with small numbers and low levels.

Tonight, we caught this rat bastage up, hanging out in his home town Icewell Keep when we decided it was time to lynch this son of a bitch for all the hassle he's put us through in the past.

The troops were rallied and in a short time we kicked this mo-faka's ass up and down the street.

Ohhhh waitttt... there's more ... not only did we swing this bitch ass around like a rag doll, but we did it with NO CLARITY during the entire fight. That's right folks, none of our casters had clarity or clarity 2 for the fight... just to make the mana regen a bit more interesting.

To top it off even one step further, our shamans got ganked early on due to an unexpected arrival of the Dain. Sitting guildies prepping for the pull = Dead guildies, we lost a few before we even engaged, unfortunatly our shamans were in that mix. The mighty Dain was regenning like a 2 bit ho trying to make a buck.... but it didn't matter, the bish was going down.

When we come back for revenge... we make sure we rub it in goooooooooood. Kiss our ass Dain, you've been owned and are now on our regular kill list.

Belt - Krialis
Helm - Serafina
Hammer - Krones
Shield - Barazon

Gratz to all you peeps!

December 14th, Server up ... mobs down.


Zombie Flesh Bracer - Morph
Zombie Flesh Bracer - Klevari
Knotted Turtlebone Ring (pass down) - Braindrop


2 Balls (keke BALLS!) of Everliving Golem - Mjolnir/Guild Bank
Amulet of Necro(im)potence - Masine (hrm, maybe its for her man)
Puppet Strings (10 charges of Allure) - Bank
Dawnfire - Dianna (she wishes it was Ragefire)
Dawnfire (from previous fear trip) - Lowfyr

Then off to Wuoshi

CBOL - Lexus (isn't that a car?)
Scimitar of the Emerald Dawn - Nindar (for druid disguise)
Shield of Tangledthorns (or something) - Cyan
Scale for BP - Drekken
Scale for BP - Unknown

Then off to CoM for Hurrk Epic

Torch of Elements (mage epic piece) - Guild bank
2 MoSS
Shaman Epic Piece - Hurrk

Weee fun.... patch again.... GOOOO VI!

December 4th-13th, Luclin's release, lots of exp, lots of mob trashin!

With the release of Luclin, Agony anticipated many MANY problems would exist, as well as patches. Since the majority of our players login only a few hours before most patches take place we decided to just go out and EXP for a week and gather the new ability points and push the final group of lower levels up towards 60.

After a week of non-stop exp, we decided to just go out and rock some mobs that are trivial to us. Dracolich, Fear Mini's, mobs like that.. We have killed Dracolich 4 times in 4 days, thanks for the patches Verant!!

We're splitting our time between exp and ghetto mobs, while we let Verant sort out all the patches and stability issues. See ya soon!

November 26th-30th, Vindicator down again.. Agony anniversary!!

Screenies been lackin lately, sorry folks :( We dumped the Vindicator again, he went down a lot fast than our first killing a week ago. All in all it was still fun.

Back to ToV we went to farm more gear... huge success, 2 more BP's, 2 more helms... all is well in the plate world for Agony.

With the Luclin expansion just around the corner, Agony has been cranking hardcore on the exp wagon to try and get everyone to 60, or max 60. New skills, new zones, new stuff to kill is coming and we're gearing up for it.

January 4th, 2002 will be Agony's 1 year anniversary (holy shit, we've been here that long?). At anyrate... we have some big goals to tackle in a short time frame... but stay tuned much more is coming your way from Agony.

November 20th-25th, Tons of farming...

No screenies to show today, but we've been in and out of ToV non-stop for a few days. After a long farming session a few months ago, we took a ToV break and now we're back at it again to finish off the suits of armor that are long over due.

In the last 2 raids, we've come out with over 25 pieces of plate gear, including 3 helms and 2 bps to make our guild goofey headed and color coordinated.

Gratz to everyone who's received their loot as we continue to outfit the final peeps and move on to things that are a little more interesting than hack, slash, loot, rinse and repeat.

November 19th, Druid Epic + Vaniki + Severlious and whatever else was moving..

Tonight we had planned on doing a ToV raid, but on the way to ToV we found out Vaniki was up in DN. We decided to make a pit stop over there before hand, which turned into a long drug out mess. Vaniki ended up dying quite fast, but it was a long event.

During the process a few deaths occurred, which was just flat out hilarious that we managed to have any deaths at all... so in light of the humor the BossGnome decided to at least make use of her time on one of our guests. Boobs are guuuud.

During this little "downtime" as we like to call it... Oxox was feeling some Baps neglect....

Shortly after the Vaniki slaughter, and checking the time we decided to postpone ToV for another day and head over to EJ to smack down Severlious for old times sake. During the process we got jumped by a plaguebone skeleton, see what Trueblade had to say about this...

Later in the evening we wrapped up the night by finishing off Teeppwin's epic. Gratz ya little halfer!

November 18th, Trakanon... and apology.

Agony smoked Trakanon in under an hour tonight because we were bored, no big deal really... this update is more to extend an appology to Incarnate and Ian for a comment that was made in regards to their mother on this website. No ill-will was meant towards either of these folks, nor their real life mother. My apologies go out to you guys...

November 12th, Vindicator falls!

Agony caught word that Dain Frostreaver was hanging about, so we decided to prepare for a mass slaying on his punk arse, but we found another guild already involved with the dorf so we went off to persue another adventure.

A few trips around the world, and an Agonite came across the Vindicator and we felt it was time to finally put this guy to rest.

A few failed attempts to start as we learned how the pull pathing and mob reactions worked, but once we figured it out, it was on baby! The Vindicator went down hard and fast.

Gratz to Baps on yer earring of uberness... and Seraa on yer PoG druid quest head.

Special thanks to Abinsuran, Thergrin, and the other guests that I may have missed for coming to the slaughter.

THIS JUST IN! Shortly after the release of the latest news regarding Ogre and Hobbitz sex0r, Oxox (one of the twin brothers) was caught prancing around naked chanting "Oh where oh where can my little Taiseth be..."

After a little time thinking about the situation, we at Agony finally realized why Oxox was chanting these mysterious words... (take note that Baps is lying down next to the Vindicator... she gets turned on by mass slaughtering of beasties).

It appears with Baps being so vulnerable, Oxox had plans for the little warhobbitz yet again....

November 11th, Not 1, Not 2, Not 3, but 4 Warrior Epics in one day!

Agony put somewhat of a hold on epics for a while, as we suffered a few losses of members once epics were obtained. Well, unfortunatly things just didn't feel right so we decided it was time to strike back on the epics hardcore.

However, there is somewhat of a story regarding this particular days events... read on to hear it.


Oxox and Prybutok (Twin brothers) were on a quest to finish their light sabers, when they came across Baps. After a few attempts at hitting on Baps (failed attempts mind you), they found out that Baps too was on a quest to finish her light sabers. Knowing that Baps could not finish this task on her own, she requested the assistance of the twin brothers.

After a short discussion, the twins decided that they would assist Baps in her quest, as they too were seeking the power of the light sabers, however in order for Baps to obtain thier assistance she had to perform a task for them.

Baps inquired about the task, and found that it was somewhat sexual in nature. The brothers requested some three-way sex0ring. Baps, being new to the 2-ogres at once idea, decided that it was a small price to pay for the ultimate goal of a warrior... the light sabers.

The journey continued, and while passing through Skyfire they ran into a hobbit by the name of Taiseth. The first thought was to eat the little hobbit, but after a close examination they noticed this was not your ordinary hobbit... this was a warhobbitz! Warriors have a silent code that they follow, and much respect was instantly gained for the warhobbit after a short discussion between the group.

After a short while, the ogres found out that the warhobbit too was seeking the quest for the light sabers and requsted to join the party in their journeys. After a small discussion between the brothers (whom were leading the quest) they decided that the warhobbit could tag along, under one condition.

The warhobbit inquired, and found out that he must partake in the three-way sex0ring. After a slight pause and minor puking (the thought alone gave the hobbit a migraine), he commited to the conditions as he too was thirsty for the ultimate warrior prize, the light sabers.

Off the party went into the depths of Chardok to claim their prizes. Down goes the Prince, Down goes the King, and Down goes the wretched Queen... only to leave the remains of the Ancient Blade for the warriors.

Success was theirs, the final pieces to their light sabers was in their grasp! After a short time of magical arts to combine the light sabers and the blades were completed, the ogres grinned evily at the hobbit and the female ogre and decided it was time to commence the commitments made beforehand.

Not wasting anytime at all, the ogres began stripping the armor from lady Baps's body... Baps had but one request, that she get it from behind, the twins, not being picky agreed to the terms...

Little did Baps know, the twins had ideas of their own for lady Baps. Quickly Oxox grabs the hobbit and flings him about his body... little did the warhobbitz know that Oxox was a master of tailoring, and had a special black leather strap in the lining of his armor.... oh my, the sounds that echo'd through the dungeon... still to this day leaves members of other guilds filled with horrid thoughts from the lack of mercy shed to the warhobbitz.

Baps, a little uncomfortable during the process (as she's had many ogre-men in her life) wasn't quite sure why things were different and painful this time... and is left with only a soreness undescribable by man. (Notice the shinyness of the hobbitz helm?)

We managed to get some photos from the aftermath... clearly you can see the pain Baps is still in at this moment.

When the warhobbitz was questioned later to validate the rumors that had been spreading about, we were left with a blushing hobbitz. True event? You decide.

Morale of the story: Twin male ogres + warhobbitz strap on = Sore female ogre.



On a lighter note, 4 warrior epics wasn't enough for Agony, so we decided to go over and pound that red wanna-be fish-lizard in TD to finish off Spellfyres epic. Gratz Dr00d!

We also managed to finally throw some shackles on Seraa's feet and get a screenshot of her epic too... gratz Dr00d!

November 10th, An Update!

Its been a long time since our last update. Many have thought we were dead, but we are far from it. The guild has shifted its roster around a bit and done some re-organization to handle some folks who are less-active now.

We're also going through some web administration changes to make sure updates happen more frequently ... so hang tight and we'll post up some of our recent activities :) (Can you say 5 dead Severlious's in 5 days? Warrior epic anyone?) Or how about 3 Trakanons in one night? Thx VI!

ToV farming has been crappy for us... but we're still equippin da peeps!

And remember when all else fails FU KRONES!

This message brought to you by the Braindrop lovers of the world... happy now Brain? :P