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So you want to know what Agony is all about?

Agony was formed in early January of 2001 on the EverQuest Vazaelle server by just over 25 real life friends. Friends that have known each other for a great deal of time, all of which play EverQuest. This mass group of people however faced one problem, they were not all on the same server so they never got to enjoy each others time while online, and hence the birth of Agony.

During the month of December 2000, the friends got together and started discussing how we could all get to the same server and play together. The idea of power leveling on one server came up time and time again but between Mith-Marr, Veeshan, Innoruuk, Fennin Ro, and The Nameless we just couldn't decide who was going to have to sacrifice their characters and who was going to get to keep them. So in this mass dilemma, everyone said in order to make it fair and have no hard feelings, everyone decided to start fresh on the virgin server Vazaelle.

The majority of Agony's founding members are PST/CST based. We play very heavily in the evenings and all the time on weekends. We are expanding our player base slightly to accommodate EST and other time zones that play the same times we do. The sole purpose behind this is that when Agony is online, their force will be strong.

So here we are on Vazaelle as one giant group, we have since gone back to our old servers and recruited some of our closest EQ friends to also make the switch and a good amount have, because they believe in what Agony is and what Agony is doing as a group. We are also recruiting new members for the guild provided they meet the requirements at the time of joining. Agony's family is continually growing, but the size is limited.

Agony is not your normal guild, yes I now you've probably heard this before, but some of the major reasons that guilds fall apart is poor leadership and organization. This is not an issue with Agony, as both I (the leader Serafina) and the officers have not only real life management/organization skills but also EQ skills as well. Many have lead groups into battle time and time again. Some members have pulled "uber encounters" and various other dragon/god scenarios more times than they can count.

Agony also has a large amount of communication within itself, for example this website you are viewing right now, has a message board, e-mail system, calendar system, strategy guides, event news, screenshots, character profiles, and many other features on it for the members to enjoy. For all those people who work and can't play EQ from work, they will have a web site to keep in communication with the guild so when they are off work they are prepared for whats ahead of them.

Agony understands the importance of 'free' time. Time that members can go and do whatever they want, whether it's exp, get loot, hang with friends, whatever, and we make sure there is plenty of this. However, when a call to arms is made for an event, I like to see the majority of the guild attend the event as it only makes things go quicker. The faster the guild pulls together and finishes the event, the faster people can go back to whatever they were doing before hand.

Agony Officers and some members also utilize Sidewinder Gamevoice's ( to communicate during play time. These units are a hardware sound compression device that attaches to your USB port and allows you to do voice communication while playing EverQuest. This helps us continue to manage large amounts of people smoothly so that events, raids, and general guild related issues are handled very organized and efficiently.

So Im sure you're asking yourself, what about loot? How does Agony handle loot? We used to distribute loot on a complex point system, but after trying it out for a while we decided that the "family" feeling of the guild just didn't seem the same. We switched back to the guild leaders awarding loot.

Agony DOES NOT play favorites, everyone in the guild will be treated fairly and have an opportunity for loot. If an item drops for an Enchanter on an event, and only one Enchanter is present and needs the item, they will get the item by default. This goes for all classes on any event.

Agony is also very fond of the "Hand me down" system. It's not a rule, but advised to take care of the other guild members. If you get a nicer piece of loot and your old piece is not NO DROP, hand it down to another member in need, even if its just on loan until they get something better, take care of the other members. The stronger the members are, the stronger the guild is as a whole.

Agony is like a family, we respect each other while accomplishing goals at the same time. Due to the family nature of the guild, if for any reason a member decides they want to leave the guild (after talking with Serafina first), then they may choose to do so, however its heavily frowned up inviting that member back. If you want to be a part of our family, then support your family, don't bail on them. We play together and we stay together.

So is Agony right for you? Are you right for Agony? If you think you are, get in touch with Serafina or Fydar online after filling out the online application, and we can discuss it further.

Leader of Agony
An EverQuest Vazaelle Guild